Terms and Conditions

1 - Initial introduction 

1.1 By making a purchase with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1.2 It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are fully aware of all of these terms and conditions when making a purchase with Opfor Solutions.

1.3 These terms and conditions can be alterered at any time, so you should read them every time you make a purchase on our website. The publish date is stated at the bottom of this document.


2 - Payment 

2.1 Payment is taken from your card the day your items are ready to be dispatched, when all of our processing is performed. If you wish to cancel an order after this, simply let us know and we will refund the amount in full. Please see Return Policy.

2.2 Payment is only taken when your goods are ready for dispatched.  However when using Paypal to pay your payment may be instant and therefore unable to be delayed until the time of dispatch.  If an item is cancelled before it is dispatched and it has been charged it will be refunded.


3 - The contract of sale 

3.1 On occasion, an item may be mispriced. If you purchase a mis-priced item, we reserve the right to cancel the contract and relist the product at the correct price.

3.2 We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time prior to delivery, for any reason - No contract of sales exists until your order is verified by our automated algorithms or by a member of staff, at which point the order status is set to 'Pending'.  Our initial order status, ‘Processed’ does not mean that a contract of sale is in place.  This only means that the order has been successfully received into our system.  From there on, validity and verification must take place before the contract of sale exists. Further, we reserve the right to degrade the order status from 'Processed' to 'Declined' should our order become unacceptable for any reason.

3.3 The contract made between us through any transaction is governed by the laws of U.S., using only the English language.


4 - Privacy 

4.1 Opfor Solutions and OPFOR Solutions, Inc. only store necessary information required to make a purchase. Your credit card information is NOT stored by us and is always processed across a secure server, using Paypal the online payment provider. 

4.2 Opfor Solutions does not sell or lease any of your personal information.  All information left with Opfor Solutions is entirely confidential. 

4.3 You have the option to subscribe to our newsletter in the checkout, and this information is not used for any purpose.

4.4 You should be aware of our current privacy policy at the following link: Privacy policy


5 - Security 

5.1 Your IP is logged when placing an order. This is for reasons of fraud protection. All orders are scanned strictly for fraud by our fraud department before they are shipped. If you specify a different shipping address to the billing address then your order may take longer as we have to perform the necessary checks. Fraudulent or suspicious orders may be disclosed to the appropriate authorities on their legal request.


6 - Delivery 

6.1 The delivery estimate for each item is stated on the product details screen.  Our next day delivery rate is almost always over 99%.  Although we endeavour to strictly adhere to this delivery estimate, during extremely busy periods it may not be possible to meet these deadlines. Should this happen, you have the right to either continue with the order or cancel it.

6.2 If there are any problems with the delivery itself or the delivery timescale, we may also offer you some form of compensation for the delay. This is generally in the form of a postage refund. If the postage was free, we may offer you a gift voucher of your next purchase. Please note that it must first be confirmed with the delivery service to see if a delivery was late before any such action can be taken.

6.3 Lost deliveries. Opfor Solutions uses the USPS and FedEx for all of our deliveries for reasons of reliability and convenience. Unfortunately, as with all delivery services, there are very rare circumstanceswhere parcels do not arrive in the agreed timescale or they are lost completely. Under these circumstances, we endeavour to ensure that the item is delivered to you as soon as possible by contacting the delivery service and attempting to locate your parcel and have it delivered. You may also contact the delivery service yourself with the tracking number supplied to you in your dispatch email. In the case of lost items, we cannot refund orders or send out a replacement until the delivery is confirmed to be lost. 

Please note that Opfor Solutions cannot refund orders or send replacement until it has been confirmed that the parcel is actually lost. This is because in almost every case of a delayed parcel, the item will be delivered within the above timescales. Opfor Solutions is not responsible for any postage owed to USPS. 

6.4 In the case of a parcel being signed for and a delivery confirmation being available on the courier's website, if the customer denies receiving the package, this is called a Denial of receipt. Under these circumstances, we must contact the USPS to confirm the delivery details, who will in turn contact the customer to ask for written documentation to be completed to confirm that the parcel has not been received. These circumstances must be mediated by the delivery service and we cannot take action until it has been confirmed whether or not the parcel was received by the customer.

6.5 Most orders shipped by Opfor Solutions requires a signature upon delivery. If you miss the post-man, a card will be left to give you instructions to either arrange a redelivery or to collect it from your local sorting office / delivery depot.

6.6 Next day delivery is not guaranteed for orders placed on any other marketplace such as Amazon and eBay. In almost all cases, however, it is possible. Next day delivery on this platform is subject to our order processing system receiving the order from Amazon  or eBay in time before our delivery cut off time.

6.7 Please note that in a multiple occupation building, anyone in the building is allowed to sign the parcel to confirm its receipt. USPS & FedEx consider an item as delivered once a signature at the designated address is achieved. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient is at the delivery address, or to obtain the delivered parcel from the signatoree.

6.8 If an item is returned to us undelivered because it was not collected or received by the recipient, we offer to redispatch your order one time at an extra shipping charge.  If a delivery is failed, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the local sorting office to organize a redelivery or collection.

6.9 When receiving your order you should inspect the packaging to ensure that it has not been tampered with in any way. If it does appear to be tampered with, you should refuse delivery. If the delivery is accepted and signed for, you will have entered into a contract to accept the item in its delivered state and, as such, we cannot assume liability for any subsequent issues surrounding loss or damage.


7 - Prices 

7.1 All prices are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) charged at the current US rate based on your delivery address.

7.2 No VAT is payable on items exported from the US, but this does not affect the amount payable to Opfor Solutions for your purchase.

7.3 Our prices change daily.  Generally, we release new prices on a schedule and prices change at midnight only, and we also inform  you of this scheduled price change in advance on the product page.  However, we may also update prices during working hours. 

7.4 All tailors generally have price increases throughout the years, due to increases in manufacturing costs, currency and inflation. While we try to absorb as much of these costs ourselves, these price increases are unavoidable.  We always aim to notify customers of pending price increases on the product details page.

7.5 We do not have control over prices listed on external sites, including Google cached listings, shopping feeds or any other site. We are not obliged to provide products for any price which is listed on an external site. We do not have control of the rate at which search engines crawl our site, and therefore the information in the search results may not be indicative of up to date prices.


8 - Returns and the cooling off period 

8.1 Please ensure you have read our refund and returns policy and understand it fully. This does not affect your statutory consumer rights.

8.2 Refunds are processed as promptly as possible.  Returns volume is unpredictable in seasonal periods - most refunds are processed on the day of receipt, but please allow up to a maximum 14 days for the refund to be complete.

8.3 Items which have been worn are not eligible under this refund policy. You may try product on, but not wear it to be eligible for a refund.

8.4 You should refer to our up to date returns policy at: Return Policy

8.5 If a visual defect is found with the item(s) on arrival (out of the box), you must notify us within 48 hours.

8.6 Certain products require adjustment to ensure a good fit. Please refer to our sizing tables/videos at the following link to maintain your refund eligibility:


9 - Copyright 

9.1 All text and images on this website remains either the copyright of OPFOR Solutions, or the copyright of the manufacturer.  Usage of any of this material is prohibited. Opfor Solutions is authorized to use all images that are used on this website.

9.2 If you are unsure of anything stated in these terms and conditions, or you have any questions, then you should contact us before making a purchase.


10 - Risk and title change 

10.1 Risk of loss and damage of products is assumed by you from the moment the product(s) are delivered.


Company information 

OPFOR Solutions, Inc.
8100 Remmet Ave. Unit 6
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Tel: 800-270-2078



These terms and conditions were last updated on Semptember 2015