Butcher Meat Market Vendor

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Realistic Butcher Meat set for a broad number of functions including; Halloween, Film Productions, Military training, Village simulations and much more. 

Themed set staging has never been easier. OPFOR faux butcher meat market vendor is the most realistic prop store ever. Realistic skinned cow head, faux skinned sheep, goats, steak meat all included in our faux butcher vendor kit. Highly Durable Foam, UV & Fire Resistant protection Great for all types of stages; MOUT training, village simulation, law enforcement training, Hollywood sets, music videos, plays, etc.

Every atmosphere is built to accommodate a 10'x10' (100 Sq. Ft.) unit of measure.  

  • 1 - Meat Rack (6’x7’)
  • 3 - Skinned Goats
  • 2 - Cow Ribs
  • 2 - Goat Heads
  • 1 - Tree Trunk

*Requires a minimum of two weeks of lead time, made to order.


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