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Street Marketplace Bakery Vendors are common in countries such Middle Eastern African, and South Asian countries. The fake loaves of bread we fabricate are based on region and some that are city/country specific. As propmakers, we have the ability to make any bread from any country desired. This particular bakery vendor replicates ones from Afghanistan that OPFOR Solutions. Normally hung and left outside for customers to buy. These are perfect for any stage production, or military training venue. Faux Breads are made of highly durable flexible foam with UV & Fire resistant protection.

Every atmosphere is built to accommodate a 10'x10' (100 Sq. Ft.) unit of measure.  

  • 2 Aged Tables w/ Lower Shelf
  • 20 Round Breads
  • 20 Long Breads
  • 2 Table Cloth
  • 4 Basket Bowls
  • 2 Chairs

*Requires a minimum of two weeks of lead time, made to order. 


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